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Oil and Gas Transactions and Litigations

In Lake Charles, Louisiana, getting legal guidance for oil and gas litigation and transactions is easier to do than most realize. Our attorneys have experience in oil and gas laws and regulations. We handle a wide range of legal matters related to this area, including oil and gas litigation and transactions. We work closely with our clients to ensure the best possible result.

Managing Operating Agreements

Our law firm in Lake Charles, Louisiana offers legal aid in a variety of areas regarding oil and gas transactions. This includes managing operating agreements properly. Our team handles the following types of legal transactions:
  • Operating agreements
  • Leases Servicing agreements
  • Producing property sales
In terms of operating agreements, the firm has experience handling both small and large transactions. There is no question or concern that is too minor here. We work with all types of clients to safeguard their rights and needs. We do this by providing a full list of services, including handling transition agreements, negotiating the purchase, handling the sale agreements, working with escrow agents on behalf of the client, and managing the actual transfer documents.

Overcoming Litigation

While the purchase of such property is a main focus of our law firm, it is not the only aspect of legal aid for oil and gas transactions we offer at our Lake Charles, Louisiana offices. We also handle all forms of litigation stemming from the sale, property rights, and management of these areas. This may include a wide range of risk factors. Our team handles the following areas of litigation related to oil and gas transactions and uses.
  • Royalty disputes
  • Seismic rights
  • Surface damage concerns and issues
  • Ingress disputes
  • Eminent domain rights
  • Issues related to operator development
Our attorneys understand that when you are facing litigation from high-powered attorneys, you need to have qualified professionals on your side, too. For oil and gas litigation and transaction legal help, turn to our team in Lake Charles, Louisiana. We will help you to overcome any legal situation you are involved in right now. Our team works closely with you to ensure the best possible outcome occurs.

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