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Legally speaking, a personal injury is any injury that occurs due to the negligence of another party. Because someone else is liable for your injury, you are due compensation to help you recover and learn to live life after an injury. Whether you’re dealing with serious brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries or something else, if the fault lies with another party, you need the right legal team on your side to ensure you are justly compensated.

Serious personal injures leave many long-term consequences. In addition to the medical bills you must cover as you treat your injury, you may face:

  • Ongoing therapy bills
  • Lost wages
  • Home modifications
  • Personal pain and suffering
  • Lifestyle changes

Sadly, most insurance companies are not going to give you enough to cover the scope of your expenses after a serious injury. Insurance companies want to offer a large settlement to impress you with its size, then write off your injury for the long term. The only way to get adequate compensation for personal injuries is with the help of a qualified attorney who will take aggressive legal action, fighting tooth and nail to get you every last cent you deserve.

Our firm handles any type of personal injury Lake Charles area residents can face, including the following:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in the country, according to the CDC, and crashes send over 2.3 million people to the emergency room each year. While motor vehicle accident deaths are dropping in Louisiana, a car crash still has the potential to change your life forever, either through the loss of a loved one or a life-changing injury. Neck and back injuries. wrongful death and serious brain injuries can happen in an instant when you’re in a crash, yet leave you with a lifetime of suffering.

We help people in Lake Charles who are suffering due to injuries from commercial vehicle accidents, 18 wheeler truck accidents, drunk driving accidents, motorcycle accidents and all other types of motor vehicle accidents. Our goal is to help you get the compensation you deserve, even when the insurance companies don’t want to pay.

Work Related Injuries

Your employer has a legal responsibility to provide a safe work environment for you and your coworkers. Failure to meet that responsibility is considered negligence. If you’ve been injured on the job, not only do you face the ongoing struggle of a serious injury, but you may also face the loss of income as you recover and learn to live with your injuries.

Our law firm will work tirelessly to ensure that those responsible for your injuries are held accountable, and you are given the compensation you need to recover and continue your quality of life. Severe burns & disfigurement injuries, chemical exposure accidents, construction accidents and industrial accidents can all happen in the workplace, and we are here to ensure that your rights are protected if you fall victim to negligent workplace practices.

Negligence Injuries

Some personal injuries occur entirely because of the negligence of another person. A Louisiana store owner who fails to protect customers from wet floors can be responsible for a slip and fall injury or broken bones & fractures. Manufacturers who create defective products can cause serious injury or wrongful death to those who use those products. A lack of proper warning signage in areas where dangerous machinery or chemicals are in use can lead to injury as well. If you’ve been injured and someone else is responsible, we’re ready to fight for you.

Personal injures and wrongful death cases create a lifetime of consequences, but we’re here to keep financial hardship from being one of those consequences for Lake Charles individuals. The law protects you from the actions and negligence of others. Let us ensure that your rights are protected. If you’ve been injured, call our firm today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about protecting your rights.

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