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8 Questions You Should Ask Before Considering Divorce 

Are you considering getting divorced? Whether you’re in Lake Charles, Louisiana or anywhere else in the country, making this difficult decision will have consequences and ripple effects that can last a lifetime. Marital issues and pain and frustration in your relationship do not always mean divorce is the answer; there are some questions you and your spouse should consider before making the decision to get divorced. Lake Charles family law attorney Shayna Sonnier can offer assistance, but before you proceed, consider these questions: 

1. Do you and your spouse still have feelings for each other?

Ask yourself if your feelings have really diminished or if you are just feeling powerless about a problem in the marriage? A lack of emotional closeness can make it feel like the love is gone; however, if feelings of love and affection are still there behind the issues, there could be hope for the relationship.

2. Why did you get married?

Ask yourself what is/was the foundation of your relationship? Reconnect with the reasons that brought you together. If your marriage was begun on a shaky foundation, you’ll probably have to work harder to overcome any issues that are coming up.

3. Are you rivals or on the same team?

Marriage should be a unified coupling of people who are dedicated to the highest good of one another and the relationship. If things have deteriorated to two people using their egos to fight for their own needs, the dynamic has to change, or parting ways might be the better option.

4. Do you really want to divorce, or is it just a threat?

Is your idea to divorce out of anger? Did you threaten divorce as a means of feeling power in your relationship? Allow tempers to subside before making any life-altering decisions. If you still feel that divorce is the best idea, review your options with a divorce attorney. If you have children, contact Lake Charles child custody attorney Shayna Sonnier to answers your questions or concerns.

5. Why do you want to divorce?

Do you have a secret hope that starting the process of divorce will make your spouse realize what they’ve lost and change for you? If so, you’ll likely be disappointed. Divorce ends your marriage and splits apart your family. If you desire change, seek counseling to address the issues directly.

6. Do you know the difference between an emotional reaction vs. genuine self awareness?

If you are truly ready for divorce, you’ll have let go of much of your emotional attachment to your spouse. Unless you can truly look at your spouse as an individual who deserves your respect, you might be acting purely out of emotion. If you feel a sense of inner calm about your decision despite its difficulty, divorce could be the best path.

7. Have you thought through the consequences of divorce?

Even if you are certain that a divorce is in your best interests, be aware of how dramatically your life is going to change. Make sure you have a support system in place to help you handle all of the changes. A divorce attorney Lake Charles LA trusts can be an excellent advocate. Consider your children’s pain and take measures to help them cope. Lake Charles family law attorney Shayna Sonnier can advise you about your options.

8. Can you be dignified in spite of getting a divorce?

Your disposition and attitude going forward will determine the sort of life you are likely to have after a divorce. Will you be strong, classy, dignified and responsible? Can you let go of anger, bitterness and resentment, or will you hold a grudge, live in the past and feel like a victim? The attitude you have going forward will determine the kind of divorce you have as well as the quality of life you’ll experience afterward. Should you decide it’s time to divorce, do so with as much dignity and maturity as you can

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